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This Band isn't like the others. They're not afraid to speak about their faith. Their concerts are a straight out revival. I recently went to my first Officer Negative concert, and I was deeply moved! Basically here's the whole story... I was at Cornerstone and I saw this kid with a cool mohawk at a 7/10 split concert, then I ran into him again later on. This time I went up to him and started talking to him. I found out his name was Jake. Later on I ran into him again! For the next few days I kept running into him. This should have struck me as odd being that there's 25,000 people at Cornerstone and I had no clue where this guy camped, I just kept seeing him everywhere. On the last day of Cornerstone I went to see Officer Negative, and of course I ran into Jake again! I gave him my e-mail and then I watched the concert while he moshed. At the end of the concert, the lead singer of Officer Negative decided to do something special. He asked for us to all bow our heads in prayer. At this time Jake was right infront of me. Suddenly during the prayer I felt the need to place my hand on Jake and pray with him. Of course, I'm not into that and I just wrote it off thinking "I'm just trying to look like the good Christian", But the feeling kept tugging at me. Suddenly I found myself asking for signs... I prayed, "God, if I'm supposed to pray w/ this Jake kid then... make this guy beside me move so I'll uhh.. have enough room." The guy suddenly moves over. So I think, "Hmmm... must be a coincidence. If I'm supposed to pray with this Jake guy then give me a sign." The lead singer then asks for anyone who wants to be saved to look at him while everyone else is praying. I sneak a peek and see Jake's head pop up. It finally hit me why I needed to pray with this guy. So I immediately got down and placed my hand on his back and prayed. The lead singer then told Jake to tap me on the shoulder and tell me he was going to start living his life for Christ. By this time Jake and I both burst into tears. At the end I embraced Jake and apologized for ignoring the call from God for so long. But what really topped it all off was that it was the first time God ever spoke to my heart. It was the most amazing feeling. Jake then got saved and promised to keep in touch. I then talked to the lead singer about what had just happened. He was very interested and pleased, and I gave him a hug and left. The guy was very nice and had a deep love for the Lord. I really look up to the guy. He helped to renew my faith to even higher levels.